-Harnessing artificial intelligence ability through generative adversarial network (GAN) to translate historical poems feelings into a painting

What it does

-Transfer words into object which BigGAN can generate paintings from, then feeding the output to another model called transfer style where the painting get realized with an oil impasto theme

How we built it

-By using a combined method where we feed the first (BigGAN) a set of images then transfer the output to transfer style

Challenges we ran into

-Lack of resources of GAN models that well documented and satisfy our ideas -Lack of Arabic language support in vector space models used by zero-shot from text model

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Proud of generating paining from historical Arabic poem

What we learned

-Applying AI technology and art methods

What's next for 110_Poem_AI

-Generating a painting from a poem by using an AI model without any human interaction which transfer words, feeling and scenery into objects in the painting this is achieved by implementing a vector space model for Arabic language (zero-shot) from text

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