Bus timing apps often induce great anxiety with questionable UX choices and inaccurate timings.

What it does

Tells you if your bus is at the bus stop yet. Simple to use; no more constant urge to check and recheck bus timings to watch the minutes tick down, and no more troubles identifying the correct bus stop.

How we built it

We used Express on Node as a backend to make the necessary API calls through the LTA bus routes and stops database. We then used Angular on the front end for the design and user interface.

Challenges we ran into

We initially wanted to build two versions of the app, with the first being a overhaul of the traditional bus timing app, with added functionality (arrival alarms, map view, etc.) , but were restricted due to time constraints. Thus we proceeded with the second, simple yet elegant feature.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to let users know if the bus is here yet. Also our bus uncle character is pretty cute.

What we learned

Perhaps to set up the skeletal web structure before the start of the hackathon so that it's easier to start on the idea than fumbling around with the set up.

What's next for 110 - Buseless

We are going to create a mobile version using react native, and with improved designs and various API calls, we will be able to provide users a seamless user experience in waiting for their bus arrival.

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