The inspiration behind this project using technology as being safe while being on roads.

What it does

There is two things that make up this hack: the application on the phone and a cradle for the phone. The application essential a 3rd party text message app that one can change to their default messaging app on a android device. This app also has a feature called "Lol responder". These feature can be used where if you are busy or a person of annoyance is talking to you, it automatically sends back "LOL" to them. This feature can be switched on or off for either everyone or a particular contact. The other part of this hack is the cradle for the phone aka the Chamber. This device will clamp and hook up in your car which you can place your cellular device into. The Chamber is fitted with a BLE estimote. One can place their cellular device in the Chamber and the application will automatically turn on the "Lol / i'm driving responder". This can stop the temptation of a driver picking up and using there phone and learn to be safe.

How we built it

We used Android Studio to create outline of the application. We started by creating a chat application using the Firebase real-time databases and select to use it as a default messenger for your phone. We also used a estimote BLE device to measured distance between the Chamber and phone by using its signal strength.

Challenges we ran into

Problems with merging Bluetooth and Firebase Chat applications to work cohesively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time coding in android based java, half team was first time coders.

What we learned

Application development is challenging at times yet has its rewards from learning from past programming experiences and more potential.

What's next for 10n2

Possible features might be with companies such a progressive and or other auto insurance. More safe ways.

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