Inspiration: We realised that there are very limited ways to keep track of everyone's mental health. Especially in a situation like a pandemic, this has become even more important. There are so many people who have lost a loved one or are isolated and suffer from loneliness and anxiety attacks without any check. Our team has the same ideologies related to mental health issues and helping people in need, so we decided to make a platform to help such people.

What it does: Monitors and aids people suffering from mental health disorders. It would be the perfect control system

How we built it: We used HTML and CSS for the website development and Google Dialogflow ES Console and JSON to build the ChatBot.

Challenges we ran into: Having tight and different schedules along with tedious online classes, it was hard to come up with this idea in such a short span of time. One of our teammates is currently affected by the novel covid-19, but we still decided to continue as we wanted to make a platform to help all those suffering from mental health issues for a long time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Learning various languages in a small duration for this project.

What we learned: We learnt HTML, CSS and building a chatbot from scratch.

What's next for Detox: To make our platform one of the best to cure people of various mental illness and to help people lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. However, this is just the main structure of our website. The user account of their statistical mental record, making therapy appointments, schedule management of therapy sessions, Patient score and showing related graphs over time are some aspects yet to be built. We aim for detox to become the ultimate mental health monitoring dashboard for everyone.

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