We wanted to create initially, a super useless hack, but we ended up creating something so vile that we'll probably never let it live.

What it does

It transforms your usual, casual Chrome browsing experience into a hellish nightmare, by rotating your display, closing random tabs, opens pseudo-random web links, replaces all images with Kermit memes and doggo, and last but not least, have magical text appear on your screen (:

Good for installing on friends' browsers and screwing with them (:

How we built it

With Javascript and Google Chrome extension tutorials /

Challenges we ran into

Could not get extension to stop running (This was hell, a true malware simulator)

No image search API to pull images

Had too much sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Slept a lot

Successfully made extension to make Chrome browsing experience less casual and boring

Had good teammates

New highscore on Overcooked

What we learned

Never install weird extensions on your browser, you never know what's happening on the surface (legit)

Making extensions can be really useful (or hellish)

4 people on Overcooked can also be nightmare

What's next for 104 - Malware Simulator

Never see the light of day, EVER. Gonna hide it in someone's basement.

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