A few of our team members have a good bit of experience in playing gigs, and have seen the hassle it can be to find a venue to play or venue owner's frustration when a artist suddenly cancels. We wanted to solve that problem, making it easier for Venue Owner's, Artists and fans find the gigs they're interested in.

What it does

Creates an "Artist" account login, can load in artist details from Huum. Creates a "Venue" account, who can create an event at their venue, which notifies existing bands by sms. Artist logs on, see where it is, they can apply to be the act for an event / a gig, which notifies the venue account number by sms. Venue owner logs on, sees which acts have applied, can approve or reject artists.

How we built it

We sat down, discussed the idea. Then we tried two frameworks, one grails & one jhipster, to leverage our java experience. We eventually stuck with Grails, generate our domain classes as the scenarios bore them out. From there we added controllers, for crud operations. We tried different implementations of Spring-Security, but found it too heavy weight and demanding for a hackathon prototype. We separated up the pages and API interactions, trying to minimise significant overlap, preventing almost any significant merge issues.

Challenges we ran into

Struggled at first to find our feet, where everyone knew what they wanted to work on Struggled for a while to break down scenarios into small enough tasks Deciding to give up on Spring-Security after it kept on asking for more and more configuration to do the little bit of gsp session detection necessary

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a fairly complex crud system, with Twilio, MapQuest & Huum integration in such a small period of time Hooking into the Huum API, and making it work with our Artist crud system A cool alternate styling attempt at 4am, it looked good, but required more work to get it to line up all the existing stuff correctly

What we learned

Everyone should be familiar with a chosen framework before starting, if the framework has a significant learning curve and more importantly, if it will affect every team member

What's next for 1025m - MoreThanAGig

Fan account, who look for what acts are happening where. A Rating system, venues rate artists, artists rate venues, fans rate both. A payment system, where venues can give kickbacks / payment to artists, and fans can donate / buy tickets Feed smaller artist details back to Huum

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