There are plenty of guitar apps available in stores where you can tap chords by name and then strum across virtual strings to produce a guitar sound. They are fun, but quickly become boring, especially when you can play a real guitar: it is actually too lame to select chords by names ;-) Real players do a real fingering, don’t they?

10-Finger Guitar app is designed to bring you such a great opportunity to use both hands to play a virtual guitar as intuitive as possible. Moreover, you do not need to hold your smartphone or tablet the way you hold a guitar. Instead, you will play like a pianist. Check the short demo video to get an idea of how it works.

The app is built with Windows 10 SDK to utilize low-latency audio processing and low-latency touch input. It uses Win2D API for GPU accelerated rendering, and Template 10 library for general user interface. The sound synthesizer engine and the touch event processor were developed from scratch and still have room for improvement.

The app will be developed further if there is enough interest in it. There are plans to carefully redesign the UX, add cool visual feedback, bring quality guitar samples, add more guitars, add sound effect processors. Also, there is a plan for one killer feature which is a secret for now.

If you want this project to continue, please leave feedback in the comments! Thank you.

Built With

  • t10
  • w10sdk
  • win2d
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