MHacks Nano is an only few days online Hackathon and I wanted to be able to get something done quick. I also like developing good AI applications but in the timeframe for this hack, that wasn't much of an option. Instead I used Personality Forge's API and also tested it against other competitors by compiling a different Chatbot. Using different Key phrases, you are able to develop something called AI Script and their API already comes in with an easy to use built in SHA 256 encryption key.

What it does

It took nearly 3 hours to build the Personality Forge chatbot. Essentially I ended up putting different key phrases and had to "seek" a certain set of adjectives or variables in order for the bot to learn. The bot learns mainly through the keyphrases you assign but gets smarter through transcript history. The chattron bot on the other hand took much quicker to build because it has a mapping ability for its keyphrases and an already build in simple SDK.

How I built it

I created 43 keyword matched on the Personality Forge demo and also a custom plugin using their format. For Chattron I was able to just compile a Chatbot with much fewer variables based on what was readily available. The personality forge one, I ended up having it chat against other chatbots to see its learning mechanism.

Challenges I ran into

Since it is an AI, its ability to learn happens through time. What I found interesting though is in both instances, one of the first thing the bot begin to develop was profanity, or adult themed stories. My bot started off talking about not knowing how to say anything, then defined a word, then it went downhill from there. It made me curious to learn how different AIs act.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud I got started on something for MHacks Nano, even though it is remarkably small, more simple, and less dev work then most of my other projects.

What I learned

One thing is for certain, AI shouldn't be given emotion or the ability to think for itself in regards to human behavior.

What's next for 1 Day Chatbot Builds (AI Entities)

I may end up trying to see if I can build a chatbot that may be able to mine different data or integrate with predictive analysis APIs and talk about trends

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