Inspiration: All the reward programs present currently rewarded people for their transactions, however, we wanted to make a product which would incentivize people and reward them making better choices in their day to day life. People who lead the changes.

What it does: incentivizes people to use public transport/cycle/walk by mapping healthcare data and providing rewards for making better choices

How we built it: We evaluated the macroeconomic trends and understood the current reward system provided by the financial institute, we found a market gap where the banks can encourage customers to reduce carbon footprints

Challenges we ran into: It was essential for us to make sure that the banks don't lose out on revenue and its a viable initiative for them as well. So we wanted to package the product with features which are beneficial for both the parties, the customer, banks and the environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Building the Prototype of the app such a short time and ideation of not just the product features but other branding assets as well.

What we learned: The ideation face was one of the toughest, we had so many great ideas but we had to narrow down on something that was implementable in the next one year, doesn't require a lot of investment on resources and expertise, but build a product which caters to a gap that exists in the market while doing good for the communities around.

What's next for 1 by 0:

Removing outliers through historical data to ensure that people don't exploit the reward system by fudging the steps walked. Partnerships which other enablers such as gyms, MEC, Translink(Vancouver), etc. Understanding the cost structure for this initiative for a long term sustainability Understanding customer expectation to add relevant features

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