Sometime back a friend’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. After that, I remember everything going downhill for my friend and his family.

When I visited his mother a few months after the diagnosis, I saw sticky notes stuck all over the place and neither did her caregivers or the family members have any understanding if she was making any progress or of her symptoms were becoming worse.

This got me thinking! My mother being a doctor, I reached out to her and I discussed the situation with her. She said, cognitive assessments were one of the effective ways to asses how a patient was doing in different spheres such as memory, language, reasoning, and perception.

However, one had to visit the hospital or a clinic for the test to be administered. That’s when it hit me, I could bridge the gap by building an app that helps patients take these tests from the comfort of a known environment.

This saves not just a trip to the hospital but also the unnecessary stress of being put through a new environment.

What it does

Helps patients take cognitive assessments from their own home while updating their performance scores remotely to doctors, care providers, and family members.

We store user information and his quiz results; with time series how many quizzes at what level the user has solved. with this info, we can have a prediction algorithm that can predict the patient's Alzheimer's level.

How we built it

We built using the Appian cloud platform using Appian Process models and objects.

Challenges we ran into

Requirement gathering on how to built this took us most of the time and Creating an AI algorithm was a little challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We always wanted to build an app that solves a real-world problem and the application should be commercially successful as a business model. And our Simplify Alzheimer's app does both.

  • This app can be sold to hospitals, We believe most of the Patient's family will be able happy to buy this app as it adds great value to them. and Hospital can suggest this app to the patient and can take the license cost from the family.

What we learned

During this process, we learned about the healthcare domain and Appian power. Appian is making this world a better place by helping people build apps rapidly that solves the real-time problem.

What's next

I like to experiment this with many patients and progress the Machine learning part of this app

Built With

  • appian
  • sail
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