The inspiration behind our application stems from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by modern office workers and a desire to improve their well-being. We observed the trend of individuals spending prolonged hours in sedentary positions, often leading to physical discomfort, reduced productivity, and an overall decline in health. Recognizing the need for a practical and enjoyable solution, we were inspired to develop an app that seamlessly integrates physical activity into the workday. The 1 2 3 4 Stretch Relax.

Our team was driven by the belief that a mundane career can be transformed into a fulfilling and exciting experience, even within the confines of a virtual and innovative workplace setting. We were inspired by the growing body of research highlighting the benefits of regular movement and stretching for physical and mental health. By leveraging the motion tracker sensors integrated with our smartphone cameras, we saw an opportunity to create an application that would serve as a guiding companion, motivating users to break free from the sedentary trap and embrace a more active lifestyle.

Moreover, we drew inspiration from successful productivity apps and gamification techniques that have proven to be effective in engaging and motivating users. We aimed to combine the practicality of work-focused timers with the joy of gamification, incorporating leaderboards and a point system to foster healthy competition and a sense of achievement.

Ultimately, our inspiration lies in the desire to empower office workers to prioritise their physical well-being, find joy in their work, and experience the numerous benefits of an active lifestyle. By designing an intuitive and comprehensive application that seamlessly integrates stretching exercises, progress tracking, and social features, we aim to revolutionize the way individuals approach their work routines, ensuring a healthier, more fulfilling, and ultimately, more successful professional journey.

What it does

Our application works by integrating motion tracker sensors AI in smartphones and encourage users to incorporate regular stretching exercises into their daily routines. Users can set a focus duration, and once a certain number of collective focused hours is reached, they receive prompts to engage in customized stretching sessions. The app offers a variety of stretching exercises, from quick and convenient static stretches to more advanced yoga poses. Gamification elements such as leaderboards and a point system add excitement and motivate users to actively participate. With progress tracking, achievements, and social features, our app creates a supportive community focused on promoting physical well-being and making work more enjoyable.

How we built it

The application was created on the Flutter platform using the language Dart. To implement the login interface, we utilized Firebase’s database management system to store authentication details. Due to our relative inexperience on the Flutter and Android Studios platforms, we consulted guides on Youtube to get up to speed. Furthermore, we were able to tap into the open-source community on GitHub such like to generate ideas for our focus timer and pose detection (Inspiration from AlignAI) features.

Challenges we ran into

Our foremost challenge came in the form of familiarizing ourselves with the Flutter platform and the Dart language as it was our first foray into app building. Thankfully, the host of resources on the internet meant we were able to quickly adapt. Another issue arose due to the configurations required from the open-source repositories we looked at. As many were not consistently maintained, they could not be compiled with the latest version of Dart we were on, meaning that necessary adjustments had to be made.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a seamless app experience for users that brings them through a natural cycle of working and stretching with the intention of making mundane tasks more entertaining through gamification. Our product is built using platforms we had no prior experience on, but we were able to incorporate various ideas to design an app to break the normality of office work.

What we learned

Developing our application on the Flutter platform and Firebase’s system allowed us to be familiarized with these tools as well as learn a new language, Dart. While working on our pose detection feature, we were exposed to the implementation of the TensorFlow library in Flutter. In terms of software development, we learned how to incorporate different features from different sources in a standardized way through standard practices and documentation.

What's next for 1 2 3 4 Stretch Relax

Improving and designing a more visually appealing user interface. Implementing more focus and relaxation features that ultimately support the app in becoming an all-in-one application for office workers. As a team, we will strive to improve our technical repertoire so that our ideas can come into fruition and generate real-life use cases.

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