Back in 2016 it took me weeks to get my hands on ETH, while this has changed over the last few years but entry to crypto is still limited to people with some degree of knowledge on how to handle crypto keys at least. For wider adoption access to crypto by buying should be out in the hands of everyone without difficult setup process and knowledge on how to handle crypto material.

What it does

0xO is a tool designed as a browser extension and also runs as a website that utilizes both Torus and 0x plugins to enable building a simple yet effective tool that a user can use to buy ETH and ERC20 with few steps and all with no hassle of account creation and crypto keys handling. The user will need only an a gmail address and also to send to other users the user will need to know only their email addresses once they start using the tool, and receiver will receive an email notification of the new transaction. 0xO also offers a very cool feature to spread the word about crypto, so a current user can invite others to start using crypto even if they didn't yet created a wallet. So once the user clicks on invite others they can specify an email address for someone and send them a small gift (small amount of Ether). The holder of the other email address will receive an email of the invitation and with a click then will be directed to 0xO website to login to their wallet. This feature is very nice for introducing new people to crypto to start using Torus using only word of mouth of current users. So 0xO summary of features are: 1- users can access crypto with only email address, user can use either a website or install a browser extension for quick access. 2- through Torus Wallet users can buy crypto in 0xO service with only a credit card 3- Once users have ETH in their wallet they can buy ERC20 tokens through 0x protocol radar relays. 4- users can send ETH to any other user using only their email address. 5- users can invite non-crypto users by sending them an invitation email with a starting gift.

How I built it

The tool is built using Ionic/Angular and compiled to generate a browser extension. Building the tool required handling how the Torus embedded plugin works and then supply the constructed web3 provider as a provider for 0x Instant plugin.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was on how to capture certain information from the Torus plugin and also the issue that google authentication form once completed the authentication closes the extension main window which is still a bug to be fixed. The Torus plugin also once a buy order is made in 0x will bring a popup window to confirm transaction that once clicked on confirm will close the extension.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am so proud of the fact that I built such a tool in a very short time and be able to combine two interesting and useful plugins in building such simple and mush needed product. In face a startup at the university of Waterloo found it a very nice tool that they discuss how to integrate it in their crypto toolkit.

What I learned

I learned how to integrate Torus in any app and also how to use it as a provider for 0x and other dapps.

What's next for 0xO

Deploy this also as a mobile app Enhance the flow Prettify the UI Add 0xcert framework, so that users can interact with ERC721 tokens and start to generate their own NFTs. add how to personalize the user profile view inside the tool based on the google profile. I wish if Torus wallet is designed in the same way as 0x that will make them both an ideal mix. Torus can monetize their wallet in the same way 0x plugin can be monetized by any developer.

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