Cross over of decentralized exchange and the online gaming space where people could play and trade at the same time.

What it does

Allow players to buy in the game directly with ETH through metamask wallet and bet with other ERC20-tokens. Currently it is using a concept with 0xJack game credit, which is same rate as ZRX token. The buy-in backend mechanism is powered by 0x protocol to trade ETH with other ERC-20 tokens to bet.

How I built it

javascript, jquery, html, css, nodejs, 0x protocol, aqueduct, web3js

Challenges I ran into

Making everything above work together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Be able to make my imagination into reality this weekend.

What I learned

I'm happy to be able to integrate various frameworks together and understand more in-depth how to utilize the blockchain dev tools like metamask, ethereum-testrpc, calling the 0x protocol and etc.

What's next for 0xJack

More sophisticated gaming experience, support other ERC20 tokens to bet.

Built With

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