1. Problem with shoe thrown away with either the top or the sole still quite new.
  2. While traveling, one usually need to bring a lot of shoes and are quite heavy, especially for girls.
  3. Women tends to feel pain after a long day with heels and preferred to remove them before/ after the main event.

What it does

A shoe what is dub-divided in 3 segments, the modular top, the smart layer and the modular sole. Users are able to switch and swap the shoe parts based on their liking and usage. The smart layer contains sensors to monitor step counts and pressure to facilitate health and fashion at the same time. The data recorded is the transferred into the our mobile App which allows the user to do a comparison for the health status and step counts across the similar age group. It also able to recommend the kind of food can possibility be eaten based on the steps walled on that particular day.

How we built it

We build our hardware prototype with cardboard to experiment and rapid production for the duration of this Hackerthon. Electronics are done concurrently and merged with the app testing at the same time. We thus combine the 3 aspects, the hardware, the electrons and the application to come out with our product, "Swap".

Challenges we ran into

We needed non-blocking HTTP requests for arduino. It is a great challenge to get the arduino to send requests/communicate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get the hardware design more or less confirmed and the electronics working which enable it to send data to the web application. We are very glad to bring the product from scratch in just 24 hours.

What we learned

We had learnt to troubleshoot the electronics and debug the web application over a very tight timeline. This gave us a better insight to how the working world will be like when collaborating with another department to get things done that are outside of our comfort zone.

What's next for 007 - Swap

We hope to win some cash prizes and further research and develop our product. Hackerthons provide us the perfect opportunity to work things out in a very short time which is something that is quite different from the school.

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