The initial idea

The initial idea came up while developing an open and transparent feedback culture. Traditional annual performance reviews are outdated and not effective anymore. Nowadays, employees are asked to be agile and respond quickly to the continuous changing environment. We realized there is clearly a need for new HR processes and technology.

REFT360 is an app that allows teammates to give and request feedback at work within seconds which helps staying engaged and focused.

Which problem it solves and why we built it

In light of COVID-19, it solves particularly the following problems:

  • Increased feeling of belonging instead of feeling isolated
  • Increased focus and results
  • Reduced administrative work for HR

What it does

  • Main functionalities: Requesting feedback, Giving feedback and Praising a teammate with just few clicks
  • Push notifications remind if someone requested a feedback in order to react quickly and give real-time feedback
  • A historical panel displays the feedback

Challenges we ran into and what we learned

We realized that it won't be feasable to develop the app within 2 days. That's why we focused on creating a prototype. The prototype helped us to test and adjust the feedback process. We learnt the importance of a well designed and well-functioned prototype.

Accomplishments we are proud of

Developing a prototype within 48 hours from the scratch

What's next

Evaluating our resources we decided to develop first the prototype of the App, so we can have a clearer view on the technological requirements.

The App will be developed in future using Node, Express and MongoDB on the Backend and Ionic with React for Front End. It will be a Progressive Web App that can be used on any mobile phone without the need of installing it.

Phase I

  • Finalizing the prototype with the 3 main functions: Receiveing feedback, Giving feedback, Praising and its design
  • Developing the app
  • Testing
  • Launch of the product to test the market and develop a go-to market strategy

Phase II

  • A function to download feedbacks in excel as well as share them between teammates
  • A function to ask for a physical follow up discussion after receiving digital feedback
  • A function for goal setting/objectives/ key priorities in order to better understand current priorities of individuals and on what topics/themes feedback is appropriate
  • Automated notifications and reminder for individuals, triggered by events. An interface option for systems like teams, outlook allows connecting these reminders
  • Dashboards to visualize and analyse real-time feedback
  • More detailed questionnaires that can be easily adjusted and sent

Resources: 1 mobile dev, 1 backend dev, 1 frontend dev, 1 UX designer Timeframe: ~ 6 months Budget: The budget strategy will be created after scope and estimation are clear

Phase III Develop a web version (when success for mobile is established and need for it is clear)

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