There was a cat blocking our way while we were walking along utown green, and we found it cute yet annoying since it distracted us from our task of getting Starbucks. However, since it was cute, we forgave it.

What it does

Magically conjures up cute cats to block your view, and prevent you from using the site. Seriously annoying, but still cute enough to forgive. (We hope they are cute enough for your high standards, we tried our best).

How I built it

  • Using a lot of Google skills.
  • javascript

What I learned

  • How to write a chrome extension
  • How to survive with horrible internet connection (especially when google was the main tool in building)

What's next for 051 - annoying cat

  • option to make cats appear upon page load (perfect for people you dislike. or your parents)
  • option to add dogs instead of cats (some people don't like cats, we don't understand why either)
  • accept submissions of cute animals
  • new tab to be cat wallpaper

Built With

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