Inspired by Kamil, an awesome YouTuber who have helped numerous people with their headaches, sleeping patterns, and other health issues. He posted a video "Liked" by over 30 THOUSAND PEOPLE and watch by over 2 MILLION VIEWERS to get rid of headache and migraine, a technique which our teammate - Chuan Wei (Candiie) has been using for over the past years! After constantly replaying the video to get rid of headache (to get rid of stronger headaches, it requires watching the video multiple times), an idea sparked when brainstorming an idea for Hack&Roll 2017!

What it does

Our app brings about a new look & feel to the Therapy Methodology presented by Kamil via Audio Tech in webapp! acheGnG (ache - gone - & - go) is an online therapeutic webapp which aims to get rid of Headache or Migraine efficiently in 2 minutes or less!

All the user have to do is to simple click "Heal Me", sit back and be guided by our awesome app! The app supports 6 different languages - (English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese, Japanese, French) so people across the globe can enjoy the healing process! This app heals mild and strong headache!

At every interval of each session, you'll get a small voice recording of the entire session to review what had been covered :).

How we built it

The webapp is built via HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap and Audio Technology. We first built the webapp via azure but then shifted to github for https hosting in order to get permission to record user's speech for security reason.

Our webapp is responsive however, we urge you to view via desktop version due to security limitations set by android, the app currently won't work on android mobile.

(Our App**) (Old Link) - to prove that we tried on azure

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges we ran into is the support of mobile in audio playing. The nature of our web application requires the auto-playing of the different speech segments but Android has disabled this feature in order to protect user from using the application in low-bandwidth internet environment.

Furthermore, as javascript has disabled the feature of getting user permission to record speech data through an unsecured platform, we could not use most of the free hosting platform such as Azure Web App. This is because building a https secured site requires us to buy a CA certification.

Other than that, as preloading multiple audio data would require a lot of bandwidth, the performance is thus becoming an issue. To resolve this issue, we decided to use the lazy evaluation technique, which basically loads audio data on demand only.

Supporting multiple languages is also one of the bigger challenges we facing but luckily with the help of different friends and online dictionary, we managed to complete them!7

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We fully recorded all our 36 audio segments in 6 different languages !- no copyright issues XD We manage to work overnight (awake for more than > 24 hours) without any headache thanks to the app we are building! (Tried & Proven!)

What we learned

Many, many, many, many things! The most important thing is to remember to have fun in a hackathon. Due to time constraint, we can't write so much, talk to us if you want to know more ! ^^

What's next for 047 - acheGnG

Posting it to the youtube video and thanking the creator for inspiring this app, building it on android and launching it out! We believe that many people will be using it and loving this app!

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