It is a big challenge to support our medical staff during this exceptional corona crisis - they do a tremendous job for society and are in extreme danger to sacrifies their health, mental balance and power to continue their job.

They need currently all the help we can provide!

One possible aspect is to relief them from tasks to allow them a decent night sleep, a relaxing and re-creating weekend (at least one day, if possible more).

In our project we focussed an the idea to optimize the recriutment of medical support staff (as qualified as possible), find matching tasks for the less qualified, or non-qualified in a very efficient way -Finding med support personnel which is currently somehow available.

What it does

A central portal for well categorized and described offers shall help to match the needs of the medical organisations, hospitals etc. smart and efficient way: ALL offers and ALL requests on one platform. Also addressing the problems of low qualification (Integration of e-Learning, tests, upload / download of certificates) to ensure the best possible matching to get the right person for the right support tasks.

How we built it

It's an conceptual idea and in parts process design.

Challenges we ran into

Challenge 1: It was doubted that less-qualified supporters are of any help! Solution: Detailed description of the offer, including many criteria will allow the organisation in need to judge whether the offer matches the need or not. Challenge 2: How to facility the learning and qualification? Solution to reduce load on med staff: e-Learning for first qualification steps

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team consisted of three Hackathon Newbies! It was hard to finish and reach the "Finish", but we did! We took part ad contributed. "Even if ..." - it was worth all the effort!

What we learned.

Design thinking, agile approach, Hackathon spirit and atmosphere.

What's next for 040_medizinisches Personal_Unterstützung_040_c_CmehrPersonal

We believe and hope that the implementation of a central Corona Support Platform for Germany would be helpful! We know that it has some disadvantages to skip the process of how a "dominant platform" like amazon, Uber, airbnb etc. becomes a dominant platform (Is a dominant platform desirable at all?) but in this case of Corona crisis we think it is helpful to have one single portal where all stakeholder know: In case of Corona medical support staff go to this portal. Certainly there must be some governing rules.

Built With

  • processdesign
  • solutioncomponents
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