The most important thing that we considered in the project is to be within our Arab and Saudi touches. We had several ideas, such as the story of the righteous man “Luqman” and his seven eagles, "the philosophy of life and death", and the second idea was to use "Sadu" inscriptions that were adopted in most Saudi tents.

What it does

The second idea was selected to be our project inspiration. The main goal was to do face segmentation on the generated faces by the AI so that we replace the face by Sadu image and then apply A vintage style by using style transfer on it.

However, because of the time limitation, we simplified the idea by adding touches of "Sadu" to the faces made by the model as a style directly.

How we built it

We utilized NVidia StyleGAN2 to generate high resolution photorealistic looking faces, then we used tho output image to be Sadu stylized through Neural Style Transfer. We used the Python programming language using the Google-Colab platform

Challenges we ran into

The limitation of time and the needed datasets to complete the project’s idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are happy with our results during these two days, the success of made the faces and adding the touch of “Sadu”.

What we learned

We have learned a lot on the both sides, artistic and artificial intelligence level, as we touched upon many artistic ideas, searching for their significance, and how could we build a model that can produce them.

What's next for 03_AiArtathon

We look forward to working more on Saudi Arabian inscriptions, such as "Al Qatt Al Asiri".

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