Ever have this situation where you are locked out of home? Or you are expecting guests but can't make it in time? Ever had this situation where you are expecting delivery but no one is at home?

What it does

Heim2.0 will be able to tackle all these issues. This raspberry pi application is able to detect the number of people at home and when nobody is at home, the raspberry pi will take care of it for you. When someone appears at your doorsteps, it will be able capture his or her image and send a notification to you. When you are at home, surely you will perform a sequence of events ( turn on your router, your laptop, your computer ). The Heim2.0 will be able to perform your usual sequence of events upon entering your house, it will start your computer and it will even play your favourite playlist! All you have to do is to wave your personilized

How we built it

Heim2.0 is based upon MagicMirror

Challenges we ran into

Understanding the structure of MagicMirror

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Heim2.0 is working and functioning accordding to what we expected

What we learned

Configuration and troubleshooting of the Heim2.0 is not easy as is easily affected by any of the modules which gone rogue.

What's next for 032 - Heim2.0

Phone NFC will be the next thing for us!

Built With

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