What inspired us

We felt inspired to create THRMYC due to the pandemic making the world reliant on technology, especially with virtual doctors visits and telehealth services.

We also wanted to make a wearable textile that could instantly provide comfort for people that are experiencing the discomfort of their changes in body temperature.

What it does

THRMYC utilizes conductive copper yarn embroidered under woven merino wool or recycled polyester.

The conductive copper connects to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit board to trigger a heat or cooling feature that will help regulate a person's body temperature.

The conductive yarn is in place under the front chest area and under the mid-back where it would be able to quickly detect and change the individual's body temperature.

The THRMYC app connects via bluetooth to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit board which can then record this temperature and send the data to the doctors office.

This system allows for doctors to have access to their patients body temperature and have a starting point for further diagnosis remotely.

How we built it

THRMYC uses woven merino wool for our luxury line or recycled polyester for our casuals line and utilizes the fibres air pockets that keeps warm or cool air in.

Underneath our garment, we embroidered a path using conductivity copper yarns which are activated by the mosfet or cooling pad attached to Circuit Playground Bluefruit board.

The rise or fall in body temperature is what triggers the board to send a current to either the pad or transistor.

The body temperature is constantly getting monitored by the board and app.

Depending on the temperature, the conductive yarn will conduct a heating or cooling effect in order to regulate the body temperature back to 36.5 degree celsius.

Challenges we ran into

Our team had problems deciding between using natural properties or chemistry to create the heat or cooling reaction.

When we decided on using natural properties, we had to discuss our idea with many mentors in order to understand what metals and fibres would actually work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the branding that we came up with and that we were able to come up with a product that would be able to help regular people and medical personas during the pandemic hypothetically, as well as function during it.

What we learned

We learned that there is a whole world of e-textiles that seem extremely underrated and could be explored further in the future to help with different systems.

What's next for 01

We plan to further explore conductive threads and e-textiles to see if there would be a metal that can last longer than copper.

We want to develop this beyond just regulating temperature but monitoring heartbeats and other health related issues.

We also want to expand our line beyond just a base layer shirt but possibly pants, undergarments and even outwear; each having its own feature.

Collaborating with Canadian tech-wear brands like Arcteryx to further develop our textile and allowing more people to have access to this new technology.

As well as developing our app beyond just reading body temperature but monitoring heart rate, different symptoms, tracking daily activities and helping diagnose even further than just body temperature so that doctors can have access to more information in order to accurately diagnose remotely.

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