• We are going to face shortages of important clinical devices
  • Industrial plants stand still due to the epidemic offering a potentially large production capacity
  • The current situation necessitates an agile action concept, which can bring people and resources accessible to them together
  • As we are facing a crisis of global impact it requires an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to overcome the obstacles

What it does

  • It connects people and networks
  • It activates people
  • It has the potential to save lives
  • It exploits production resources for productions of medical equipment
  • It can exponentially grow to cope with the virus
  • It resets the limits of our health care system (current limits 28k intensive care beds, 25k with ventilator systems)

How I built it

  • Connection of existing networks and engagement of different ventures
  • Cutting edge research in fields of medicine, engineering, management,

Challenges I ran into

  • Tracking down leading personnel on both sides; Medical-device manufacturers and automotive industry
  • The shift in direction; from focusing on interchangeable components (Ventsystems/Automotive Industry) to focus on ease of communication between the parties due to the possible use of existing resources and knowledge
  • Established monetary structures and administrative barriers needed and still need to be overcome
  • Identification of medical products that will possibly have a shortage in the near future
  • It is hard to concretize the specifications of needed products

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We activated a lot of people and received large support from the network that we built
  • The formation of a really great team
  • Disciplined and interdisciplinary collaboration within the group

What I learned

  • There are so many great people who are willing to help, no matter in which position they are
  • Don’t hesitate to talk to people
  • Sometimes you learn things you didn’t want to learn

What's next

  • Getting the network to work on a real product/solution
  • Linking the resources to companies searching for help
  • Perpetuating the network
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