When the Corona crisis kept partygoers in Berlin from visiting their favourite music clubs, the Berlin club association created, where DJ sets are streamed live from the clubs. This initiative, combined with the iconic architecture of Berlin’s clubs, inspired us to create this project.

What it does

We wanted to contribute to “flatten the curve”. Staying home is the one contribution every one of us can make in order to slow down the spreading of SARS-CoV-2. But being social animals, especially if you enjoy a good party with friends dancing to incredible music, it can be very challenging for many of us. This is why we joined together to create a virtual club, creating an alternative space to keep our “normal” life going in another way. Enabling people to actually dance with others, optionally transmitted through new VR technology. We hope that we can bring a piece of Berlin to your home - enjoy the night!

This virtual club enables you to “leave” your home in another way, go out to dance, meet people and connect in playful interactions - just as if you were in the actual club! Through an avatar, you are able to walk around and discover a diffuse nightlife world with hidden treasures as well as our favourite environments from Berlin's club scene unified in one club.

The project is open-source, so everyone can contribute to creating a new global virtual club together.

See you on the dance floor!

How we built it

  • We made the 3d models in Blender
  • We built the virtual world with YouTube video stream in Unity and integrated it with VRChat
  • We used as a platform to host our world
  • We used GitHub to collaborate on the Unity, Blender and website
  • We used Discord as a communication channel
  • We used GitHub to host our website

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating the Youtube stream
  • Model placements
  • To get vrchat integration on Unity to work
  • Communication with a big team, asynchronous and remote

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We integrated a the youtube video stream into our project
  • Our team build all 3d models from scratch (apart from the disco ball and trees)
  • We did a lot in a very short time
  • Most of our team didn't know each other before but we communicated great in a quite large team
  • Created a website to explain our project with a tutorial
  • Our Github repo for collaboration

What we learned

  • How to work together as a remote team and collaborate on the different files
  • We learned a lot from each other’s skills by sharing our screens and talking constantly in the teams via discord
  • We got to know nice new people

What's next for 0025_1221+DigitalClub

  • Host public live events watching the unitedwestream streams
  • Grow our virtual world with a contribution from the community
  • Eventually, create a stand-alone client not dependent on vrchat so people can join from more computing platforms

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