Oh My Zsh plugin to post and search articles from the Dev.to platform. Articles are sourced using the the Dev.to API (currently in BETA)


  • Jq - jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. To install run $ sudo apt install jq on linux or brew install jq on OS X
  • Working zsh and oh-my-zsh installation

Testing Locally

This plugin is not part of the default plugins that comes with the official Oh My Zsh shell and this means you'll need to setup locally to be able to use.

  • Fork and clone this repository locally to your machine
  • Move the directory to your .oh-my-zsh plugin directory in ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugin
  • Open your zshrc file $ nano ~/.zshrc and add the plugin plugin=(oh_my_dev)
  • Run source ~/.zshrc to effect changes on your current terminal or close and reopen it.

Basic commands

  • $ oh_my_dev - This command fetches articles from Dev.to and links for checking them up on the internet
  • $ oh_my_dev <tag name> - This command fetches all articles tagged <tag name> on the Dev.to platform
  • $ oh_my_dev make_post - This command is used to create a draft article from the zsh terminal to dev.to

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