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How to negotiate your salary like a pro

ft. Bie Aweh from Dev Bootcamp

Negotiating your salary is a critical part of the job hunting process.

Our best advice is: don't fixate on cash. Cash is important, but it's not everything. There are a lot of tradable issues which you can use to achieve a more comprehensive compensation package.

You don't have to accept an offer the minute you get it. Take some time to think about your needs. Is cash more important to you than equity right now? Can you afford to take more risks?

If an employer can only offer 80% of the total cash compensation you're looking for, ask about equity, training / conference / travel allowances, extra vacation days, work from home days, or fitness benefits.

You might not get everything you want, but with some collaborative negotiation, both you and your employer can come to a win-win outcome.

If an employer asks you how much you want to earn, don't quote a specific number. Instead, provide a range ($80-90k). You're not leaving any room for flexibility.

Of course, if an employer refuses to negotiate or entertain your counter offer, don't be afraid to walk away. You're in demand and you shouldn't do deals that don't benefit you.

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