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New job milestones

Day 1, Week 1, Quarter 1

Congrats, you got the job! Now, do you know what to expect on your first day? How about during your first week, month, or quarter? On this episode of The Commit, Richard and our CTO Matt Gerrior chat about major job milestones for a new junior Rails developer.

Before you start

Brush up on your fundamentals for the stack you'll be using. For Rails, that includes things like Ruby syntax, knowing where to go for models & views, and how to navigate the project structure.

On your first day

  • Try to break the build! The quickest way to learn is by breaking things.
  • Get your development environment setup, create all your accounts, and secure them with 2FA.
  • Commit to production on the first day. You'll be providing value immediately to the team.
  • You can't ask too many questions, but you can ask too few.
  • Go out for lunch with your team.

By the end of your first week

  • Get involved with code reviews. Your fresh perspective will highlight inefficiencies and you'll get familiar with the code base.
  • Start pairing! This will help you learn more about your team mates and you'll learn a lot more about the inner workings of the product.
  • Start time boxing when you run into a problem. Give yourself a little time to investigate the root case yourself, but don't be afraid to ask for help if it's taking too long.

One month in

  • You should be able to work on tasks autonomously, but still pairing, listening, and learning from your team.
  • Demonstrate confidence in your abilities and know who to ask for help. Could be technical or even for HR
  • Meet with representatives from various non-tech divisions and learn what they do.

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