About two weeks ago, Karen decided to turn a newfound hobby into a business. We waited until now to build it. Prior to the Hackathon, Karen's only time spent with her idea was coming up with the name and finding out if someone already owned it.

Hacking a Business

This weekend, we took Karen's idea for an online business and fleshed it out, from market research to the retail price of the primary products to two complete websites and the beginnings of a blog, not to mention setting up business accounts on well known social media sites.

The Business

Zorya Stone is a Beads N Things online shop. From nondenominational prayer beads to prayer flags, we hope to cover most markets by the end of the year. These markets will also include general nonspiritual jewelry pieces and jewelry kits, which would be a coordinated set of beads but left to the consumer to assemble. We'll probably figure out other things to sell sooner than later.

Origin Story

One of Karen's new year's resolutions was to become healthier, and part of that was meditating. She found mala beads, and made her own take on them. She then realized she could sell them, and for pretty well too. The hackathon was two weeks away, so she put off her project until now. Until the hackathon, a name for the project was enough. Zorya Stone was chosen, Zorya for Slavic roots and the two winds, and stone because Karen's first sets of beads were stone and it will be the preferred material in our store.

Built With

  • business-model
  • hosts
  • logistics
  • market-research
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posted an update


We didn't finish. However, we did accomplish as much as we did in only 12 hours. Quite a hackathon. Several websites, a blog, a mass email service, paypal, and several social media accounts later, Zorya Stone is practically done.

Karen worked late Friday night, and part of Saturday night, so she spent only 12 hours at the Hackathon, Jeremiah came and went with Karen. And Larry only had about 4 hours at the hackathon.

We'll take it.

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