With the virtual school year beginning, it's important to have all your links organized, as well as some fun during the meetings! This hack is practical yet witty, and a great addition to distance learning and virtual events.

What it does

This app organizes the multiple Zoom (or others like Meet) links one may have for school, activities, etc., provides various Zoom virtual backgrounds (fits the mood: the light-hearted ones are also helpful for a nice laugh/change in mood for the day!), and is similar to a calendar, but more straight-forward and with other fun perks.

Zoomin' uses core data for the user to create new events with meeting links, toggle for importances, notes, dates, and times. You can visit them on the day as listed on the table, and press join meeting to be hyperlinked to your meeting's link. You can also find a random zoom background on the other tab, with its categories being light-hearted (funny, with memes, backgrounds from shows, games, movies, etc.!) or serious (rooms, views). Once the meeting's done, click completed to delete that event from Core Data and thus from the app.

How I built it

XCode (Swift), Core Data, UIKit, and a bit of Obj-C for the DateFormatter

Challenges I ran into

  • Time, connecting the viewControllers (previousVC, identifiers…)
  • Securing the MVP: Had to exclude ‘start the day puns & memes’ tab
  • Appearances of innate elements like the navigation bar, bar buttons, tabs → Adding to AppDelegate

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Learning more XCode
  • Core data for the events
  • Connecting the view controllers together so that core data transfers
  • Debugging certain errors
  • Allowing users to download the image with an alert on Zoom BG randomizer to camera roll (ensuring privacy connections in info.plist)

What I learned

  • Background Randomizer
  • Hyperlinking the Zoom link & unwrapping (debugging)
  • More customizations like tint color (still need to learn more)
  • Creating and customizing the tab bar and navigation title

What's next for zoomin’

  • A cohesive, and customizable theme (fonts, colors)
  • Sort option for the table
  • Upload your own backgrounds and do not repeat the ones already used
  • Implementing Firebase for a login profile that syncs data
  • Integrate table to a calendar
  • Selecting icons depending on the event
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