Cute Autorunning Platform Game for Samsung Gear 2 and Gear S

"Zontie, where are you?" is a game about a pet alien who got lost in the wild.

Zontie is very scared and she runs like crazy, bumping into things. Help her not to get hurt and to collect all the mushrooms. They are her favorite food!

This little game is a run and jump and roll side-scrolling auto-running platformer.

There are 3 interesting worlds in the game:

  • Volcanic Shore
  • Desert Sea
  • Lost City

Each of the worlds has 9 levels. Initially, the first level of each world is unlocked to minimize the possibility of getting stuck at some particular level.

There are several different alien enemies and various other objects to interact with in the game, like for example keys, doors, switches, rolling barrels, bounce pads, glass pipes, etc.

Everything is hand drawn and very cute. Even the deadly crystals...

It's simple to play (only two buttons - one for jump and the other for rolling), but it certainly has its challenges.

Finally, a special care was taken to make the game enjoyable to play with only one finger on Gear watches.

Screen resolutions of both Gear 2 and Gear S are supported.

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