Create, Edit and Sign documents rapidly with the HTML5 Document Signing Service

This unique application is open source and uses HTML5 to allow users of current and future mobile device to edit and sign simply using the touch screen. Once documents have been signed it automatically emails copies to all respective parties and archives in Salesforce. The app is integrated with Salesforce via OAUTH/REST and enables customers to shorten the time to contract by allowing them to edit and get signatures on the spot, avoiding all of the back and forth emails and follow-up.

Efficient, effective and easy! This app can be used by everyone from a seller at a large corporation looking to get a multi-page contract signed... all the way to the local gardener providing a quick quote for services. Easily edit documents on the spot to change terms, rates, etc. as needed and then immediately obtain signatures. Shortening the sales cycle and getting the deal signed!

Create. Edit. Sign. Done!

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