From not being able to locate the essentials of campus, we decided to build an application dedicated to serve the need of students. Such essentials include restrooms, water stations, and even microwaves.

What it does

  • Allow students to mark locations on campus of utilities.
  • Students can specify the type of utilities to mark.
  • Students can add caption reviews of each location marked on the map.
  • Students can filter to one of the essentials that they would like to view.

How we built it

  • Two team members worked on the front-end of the application to design the HTML/CSS and UI.
  • Two team members worked on the back-end of the application to implement the interactive map and part of the HTML.

Challenges we ran into

  • Lack experience of web-development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to come close to what we had originally designed.
  • Learning the fundamental of web development.

What we learned

  • Better understanding of web development (HTML/CSS, and Javascript).
  • Better understanding of git/github.

What's next for Zelp

  • Allowing users to create an account.
  • Allow users to write reviews (separate review page).
  • Track the user's location and allow them to pick the nearest utility.

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