Quick Listing

Use the Zapaang iPhone App to quickly take a picture of your item and list it for sale or swap with your Facebook friends. Zapaang automatically will create and host a landing page just for your item, add the details in a standard and easy to ready format and share the link on Facebook thus making it hassle free for you to get rid of stuff you don't want.

Smart Targeting

Zapaang lets post the item to selected facebook groups that you are member of thus increasing reach and effectiveness of your listing. Members of the facebook group who are not your direct facebook friends can also now discover and act on your listing.

In-Context Searching

Zapaang automatically maintains a easy to browse virtual store per facebook group where members of the group can access all items on sale or swap related to the topic of the group. This avoid scanning through unrelated posts and links to find the post about a specific item you are interested in

Built With

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