Yushino is a CrossWord game with numbers!

The rules are very simple: A number sequence is valid if it adheres to one of two rules: 1) If the sequence contains 3 numbers or more then every number is of the previous two, but we only take the last digit of that sum. So 763 is a valid sequence since 7 + 6 = 13, and the last digit of 13 is 3. Examples of valid sequences are: 35831, 8640, 9763921, 112, etc. 2) If the sequence has two numbers, then the numbers must be adjacent, i.e., they must differ by 1. For example: 01, 10, 89, 90, 09, 67 are all valid sequences. Note that 9 and 0 are considered adjacent.

Each number in a sequence counts points equal to the number (a 9 counts 9 points, a 0 counts 0 points, etc). There are also blank tiles, which can be made any number the player wants and count 0 points. The points are multiplied by the multiplier squares on the board. A multiplier square has a 2* or 2X or 3* or 3X in it, and can be used only once; after it is used, it does not multiply any more. The '' multipliers multiply just the number on them and the 'X' ones multiply the whole sequence that touches them: so 2 multiplies a number by 2, 3X multiplies the whole sequence by 3, etc.

Players place numbers in sequence, just like in crossword games, and collect points. Each player gets 7 tiles at random from a central pool, and they play consecutively. In each move you must place a sequence that touches on an existing tile on the board. In the very first move you must place a tile in the center of the board. After each move, you are given new tiles so you always play with 7 tiles, until the tiles in the central pool are exhausted.

When the players can play no more moves, or when one player finishes their tiles the game ends and the highest scorer wins.

If you like word games then you will love Yushino! It can be played with non-english speakers too and you do not need to memorize words or have arguments about whether a word is valid or not.

Sudoku lovers rejoice! Yushino is a numbers game that can be played with company. Play with your Facebook friends, or start a game with a random person and make new friends!

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