yucky.io game that focuses on pathogen influences on cellular level

files explanation:

  • game.js is the main javascript file that codes for the game
  • bundle.js is compiled by browserify command browserify game.js > bundle.js
  • player.js defines the characteristics and behaviour of the player object, this should be mostly fine
  • node_modules contains the packages npm needs to run the game on a client side dont touch anything there i dont think we need any new packages for now
  • package.json contains information for packages and scripts dont touch anything there, it turns out npm manages packages on a directory level and not a global level like homebrew AHHHHHH
  • index.html contains a canvas element for javascript to draw on

plans for the future

  • implement swarming so the red cells change colors and follow the virus around and the swarm grows
  • have white blood cells have an opening for the virus to enter and slowly infect

plans for the future future

  • make this a beautiful mmo game i GUESS

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