“What keeps you up at night?” That question was asked during one of the first SP6 workshops during the Bay Area’s latest hackathon. High school and college students revealed their causes of stress: grades, school, internships, and the unknown future that awaits. This question exposed the internal feelings of students: stress, overwhelmed, and unprepared for the nearby future. This inspired our team to create Youth Discoveries. *Youth Discoveries focused on spreading information on opportunities for high school and college students to gain insight and experience into the professional workforce. *

What it does

Youth Discoveries allowed students to post opportunities to their peers. Youth Discoveries categories opportunities: volunteering events, internships, regular classes, and contests. These opportunities range from a variety of subjects that allow students to explore their diverse passions and interests.

How we built it

Youth Discoveries was built through Replit. The coding languages that were used were HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges were two members leaving the team due to prior commitments, not knowing HTML and JavaScript, and time limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishments that our team is proud of: learning two new languages and learning the strengths of each other and working together.

What we learned

Through this experience, our team worked on how to code in two different languages, how to work under an intense time limit, and how to problem solve through errors and obstacles.

What's next for Youth Discoveries

For what is next for Youth Discoveries, our team hopes to improve our website through interactive components for our users. Some examples are adding a dm section for students to message each other, adding a comment section, and creating an account/profile section for users. We also hope to fix the back-end code and create a functioning posting system.

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