What if bacteria fed on ideas rather than food and nutrients? Maybe you've never thought that you could one day live in a world where such a fascinating concept could be made possible. Either way, you're in luck, because YouCarryIt is here to fulfill all of your micro-organismic dreams. In YouCarryIt, you control a bacterium that lives in a world of data, populated by ideas and opinions from the international Twitter stream that updates in real time. Whenever you encounter a new data source -- represented as a nutrient, water droplet, or a proto-organelle, you carry it within your "Eukaryote", taking it back to areas filled with bacteria. As your bacterium grows and complicates in structure and function, you can witness micro-evolution unfold.

Using the Indico machine learning API, YouCarryIt places your bacterium in an environment that changes according to the tides of popular opinion. An environment full of happy and positive ideas tends to provide nutrients and energy sources for the bacterium, and similarly, an environment full of negativity will tend to generate hostile and competing bacteria. Watch as your bacterium roams around, grows, and thrives (or struggles) as the times change. Beware, as survival is not easy in a turbulent digital world where resources are scarce and enemies abound!

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