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Inspiration #EUsolidarity

On 22.03.2020 in the context of the German #WirvsVirus Hackathon we developed a logistics concept to save lives. In the event of a regionally supply critical numbers of ventilators, many clinics in the EU must be supported in the procurement of materials.

What it does

The goal is to distribute the limited number of ventilators reliable to the respective acute need in individual EU COVID19 hotspot regions.

How I built it

Our concept contains a transport logic, a financing model and an operational part.

Challenges where this project needs support:

  1. Procuring as many ventilators as possible in a financial service loaning model
  2. Asking airlines if they use one of their parked planes for an EU Online Marketing campaign f.e.
  3. Communicating the rent-a-vent service to all EU hospitals
  4. Creating an EU wide legal operating model or enable a general contractor

What helped me:

The WHO wrote 129 pages about "An outcome of the Priority Medical Devices project" Summary on page 130: "Medical device innovation is driven largely by the need for better solutions and for greater technological capabilities, and also by promising ideas, scientific interest and economic concerns. To better align medical device innovation with public health needs, increased funding and improved infrastructure is necessary. In addition, better networking among stakeholders may help."

What's next for

Built With

  • geomap
  • logistic
  • moving
  • stock
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