Did you know that nearly 220 million Latin Americans identify themselves as soccer fans? And when we talk about “fútbol” or “futebol” we talk about a sport that is deeply ingrained in LatAm’s identity and culture. However, Latin America makes up only 4% of the world’s online gambling revenue. The reason is traditional betting sites are generic, confusing, outdated, and offer an unfriendly casino-like user experience mainly focused to the male user. That’s why we’ve built FUTGOLAZO to mark a difference as the first soccer-only betting platform that engages users through a friendly, gamified UI. We aim to encourage passionate soccer clubs and national team fans to be part of our game, on a platform that is both fun and inclusive. Last year, we reached 160K bets, 3M visitors during our beta launching season performing on the Ecuadorian league. Our plan is to keep expanding with our localized soccer-focused approach and win the ready-to-conquer top soccer countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile in the next 3 years, but to move fast, we need at least $1M investment, which together with our local knowledge, will allow us to make of FUTGOLAZO the leading soccer betting platform in Latin America.

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