My goal with my solution was to give users a way to view and manipulate multiple worldbank indicators to fully understand complex trends occuring around the Millenium Goals and Donor / Program changes over the past years. I had three specific problems in mind when I built my web app:

  1. I wanted users to be able to easily view the depth of data for various countries and indicators. My system uses a color coded icon, to tell users how much data is available.
  2. I wanted users to be able to compare custom charts easily without extra steps. The dashboard structure allows for an infinate number of stackable,arrangable, charts that users can manipulate independantly
  3. I wanted my solution to be completely plugin free. My dashboard is cross-browser friendly, and runs on non-flash-compatable devices to make it universally available Because of the size of the WDI dataset, I have used only the ADI for this version. Future versions will include the entire set; will have the ability to save dashboards, embed, charts, and create scatter and bar charts; and allow users to extract raw data for each module I hope you like my app and I look forward to comments! Lindsay

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