My grandparents are farmers. I went there during my holidays when I was 12. My grandfather once took me to the market where they sell harvest. I was very happy to go there, but when I went there all that remained in my face was a huge "?"..... The middlemen who later sells these vegitables were very loud and harsh to the farmers. My grandpa sold onions. When I asked how much did they give for one quintal.. he said 15 rupees!!!

I was shocked. Even a candie of 10 grams would cost at least 30 rupees. Then he said, "This is what farming is.." With a smile on his face. The next week I was astonished by watching a news article in newspaper. "Onion prices touches the sky!." I even showed it to my grandpa. He said, that's the middle mens work. I got a lot angry. Then I understood why he is demanding and shouting and fat and wore jewelry. They buy for less. Store them, create pseudo scarcity. Then sell for more. So I wanted to change this. Recently, farmers even started to throw out their harvest because all are in houses. Also pandemic started from a market. So I think, there is no more use of markets. "No more markets, they are busy effecting people". LOL Farmers dont get profit. Consumers are not ssafe. So this can be the right way.

What it does

It's basically an e commerce site for fresh food. Between farmer and consumer. Farmer declared the price. Customer can either buy online.. And get delivered.. Or Can also go to the farm. They both can also chat. Special category for organic farming or not. Get cheap products and fresh. From meat to milk. It's only for a range of 25 km.(Default) You can change it.

How I built it

I built it in my mobile using html, css, js, bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into many challenges that I didnt thought I could face. As you know everyone who builds stuff for world feels low and demotivated and tired. But for me, it also came with a bonus pack of 3 people who ditched me at the last day of project with nothing done. Wow. It's the end. I'm gonna drop.

(Aaron from team HTM enters) : No... : I'm here to help you. : No problem. Sometimes it happens..dont worry. : We value your idea and dedication than functionality. : You do have chances. Quickly do submit. Then remaining in my videos description.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have participated in my first hackathon. I have made a website in 2 days. Talked to worldwide developers.

What I learned

I learnt about ctf. I learnt hashes. And learnt a lot from your twitch live stream, they were both informative and entertaining. I also learnt that if I dedicated myself to work.. I can accomplish any thing( thanks to aaron).

What's next for World Farm

I'm thinking of developing it from the backend more. I'm gonna even try out to make a better ui for it then release this in play store as a web app with no profit.

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