The Worldeye Application is a web and mobile/ Iphone application which aims to make people aware of development statistics relating to regions targeted by the World Bank Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Specifically, it aims to achieve the second and eight MDG goals which are ‘achieving universal primary education ’ and ‘developing a global partnership for development’ respectively. The application utilizes two main tools to achieve its desired outcome: a graph interphase showing different representations of various indicators and a quiz game. Before I describe these two parts, I will say that my main considerations when designing this application were to always keep its desired outcome in mind, make it light weight and compatible with as many platforms as possible and apply various techniques that would work towards keeping the users’ attention while entertaining and rewarding them. The graph interphase was designed using amfphp, php and adobe flex. On selecting a country and desired indicator, the user is provided with a table, a line graph, a histogram and a bubble chart. All of these will depict information about the selected indicator for the specified year. The purpose of having various beautiful graphs appear simultaneously is to provide an interactive and exciting feel to the user while showing him the information in whatever format he desires. With the aid of two small arrows at the extreme right of the page, he can move the various maps around the page to suit his taste. The quiz game is called the world eye quiz. It was built with mainly PHP and some flash. In a nutshell, the game is designed to engage (and educate) the user by asking him questions, and then eventually providing him with an opportunity to actually impact the lives of people in less privileged economies. This quiz is to be driven by investments from its partner companies who would agree to reward users with prizes and invest some sums of money in target economies if game players achieve certain statuses on the game. I am in talks with itunes to award players a certain amount of itunes points if they finish the game in any region they play. Then I will talk with other big firms to support the game by agreeing to donating arrangement. In order to play the quiz, the user is required to be registered in the system. This is done to provide extra functionalities for the game, like saving game results, acquired gift cards and prizes and comparing accomplishments with of your friends. On beginning the quiz, the user is provided with questions relating to developments in target countries of the MDGs. A complete game is divided into 3 levels, each with 5 questions. A user is required to answer above 60% of the questions to proceed to the next level. Hypothetically on completing the game (all three levels), the user is provided with his prize worth of $10 itunes points and an opportunity to select a sector of economy in the region he played where world eye sponsor companies will focus a specified amount of money for investment. Additional features include brief history and description of the MDGs, information and advertisement for sponsor firms and links to other applications that utilize the World Bank’s data.

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