The World Bank Widget is an online widget that can be embedded on any website. The widget recognizes what country the visitor is from and then displays basic information on how the visitor's country performs against the world average on the first seven targets of the Millennium Development Goals. To make the app more interesting, the widget shows slightly different indicators on different visits. If the user's IP cannot be recognized, the widget displays information on a random country. The widget can be customized in various ways. IP recognition can be switched off so that the widget will show information on randomly-picked countries on different visits. The widget can also be used to display information on a chosen country; the widget could then be deployed, for instance, on a travel site to show information about a destination country chosen by the traveller. The country code can also be given manually, for instance For those visitors wanting know more about their own or some other countries, the World Bank Widget links to a separate web page on which users can view infographics on how countries compare regarding the Millennium Development Goals. For the eighth goal, the application also links to OECD resources. Overall, the World Bank Widget is intended to increase the public awareness of the MDGs across the Internet and remind people around the world of the importance of improving the quality of life and equality.

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