The WBOC is project attempts to make it easier to make large scale multi variate comparisons by presenting lots of different data in a visually recognizable, interesting and hopefully understandable way. By making it possible to compare up to six data sets across all countries, this project has the potential to highlight the complex relationships the exist between this data. It is these relationships that will be the key to producing effective long term solutions to the many issues facing the world today.  Because these kinds of comparisons are very new to most people, the system is capable of scaling up and down the number of data points you are looking at so that the user is comfortable with the amount of data on screen at all times, while sill being visually appealing. This encourage people to become comfortable with one level and then try to understand the next instead of overwhelming them with all the possible information up front and turning them away.  The system also allows the user to manipulate it in many ways. They are able to zoom, scale the relationships out for more clarity and adjust the speed of the planets with the up and down arrows. The left and right arrows are used to adjust the number of data points being displayed, while the number keys are used to show or hide groups of countries based on the corresponding number at the top of the project. Selecting a country's circle can be done by right clicking on it, holding right click and dragging it or typing the country's name.  In its current stage it is running off static data on agriculture in 2007, but the final project will allow the user to select from any of the World Bank data sets and any year for their comparisons.

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