Because of the complexity and interconnectedness of today’s global challenges, a new balance must be found between international rules-setting and the provisioning of global public goods (defined with MDG), on the one hand, and the creation of the space needed by nations to determine their own destiny, on the other. This will require a new kind of thinking and the striking of a new balance as well between decision-making processes at the national level and those at the global level. The world could be made better. Many of us would like to help build a better world, but taking on the whole world as a project can certainly seem overwhelming. Where does one even begin? And what can one person with simple resources actually do? Well, good news! There really is an easy answer! Inform people about today’s world situation. For those reasons we decided to make a prototype of web based service which will inform people for the situation in the world. The service will generate sentences with pictures, videos or maps which represent random data from World Bank database. The point of this is to raise the consciousness of the people. Then, the service can be used everywhere on web: on e-learning systems, Facebook, web pages for animals etc.To test our prototype, we have made block for Moodle e-learning system which is practical usage of our web service and we made a lot of tests with them. Our web service and Moodle block are made public, so everyone can use them.With this web service, and its practical implementation we achieve our goal: to give a global picture for today’s world situation and motivation to do something which will help to those who need us the most.

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