Inspiration - With the year ending and the idea that many would want to keep fit and exercise more next year as part of the new year's resolution, the filter provides inspiration in an AR world.

What it does - With a 3D model of one's choice, users can place a fitness instructor in the real world surrounding to show and lead the way in simple core exercises.

How I built it - I used Spark AR Studio with patches to allow for placing the 3D model in the AR space through Facebook. The 3D model was made using in3D app in the latest iPhone.

Challenges I ran into - I am not a very sporty person and wanted to follow the theme as much as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I managed to make a 3d model of myself and put it into the AR space with animations from

What I learned - I learnt that sometimes the best inspiration to work out and improve is oneself.

What's next for WorkoutAR - I made 2 filters for exercises with hands/back on the floor. In the future, I hope to include more rigorous actions like capoeira and more. For now the model is myself, I am hoping to learn how to easily customise 3d models of others.

Built With

  • doodly
  • in3d
  • sparkar
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