During the brainstorming, we were thinking to make something curious and funny that can be obtained with data. We thought about the workshop we did in the same day, about a bot that can simulate a conversation just retrieving tweets from some users. Our initial thought and the workshop we did are our inspirations for this projects.

What it does

From some twitter hashtags, the app returns to the user a word cloud of the most frequent words of the tweets with the given hashtags.

How we built it

Basically, we used Python3, HTML and CSS for the webpage. For the deploy, we used Heroku. For fetching the tweets, we used the Python3 API GetOldTweets3 because we didn't have access to twitter developer tools. For drawing the word cloud we used a Python3 library called wordcloud.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the problems came from Heroku and Flask. This is because it was the first time we used those technologies. Specifically, we had some problems with saving images in Heroku, which we couldn't solve due to the time. We also had some problems with getting the tweets because none of us had access to twitter developer tools.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It's the first time we create something at a hackathon, but it only works correctly on local :( .

What we learned

We learned the very basics of web development with Flask and web deploy with Heroku. We also learned how to work in adverse conditions (work at home due the global pandemic).

What's next for Word Cloud From Hashtag

Our next step is solving the problem we have with showing images when the webpage is deployed by heroku. After doing that, we will optimize the webpage, because we are aware that it can take a lot of time to make petitions and retrieve results. We also want to add some features, such as only get tweets from a date or select a language. This last one feature will improve drastically the meaning of the returned word cloud.

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