I was inspired by the TwoXChromosomes subreddit on Reddit. I also saw a post on Reddit that asked women to talk about their work experiences. And it was pretty bad. They described being talked over and ignored an other unprofessional things.

So far it allows a person to submit a story. That story gets emailed to me (and in further application it would be sent to a specified email account just for submissions. That submission can then be reviewed, and a moderator can decide to share the blog post on the website.

I used Wordpress as a "design" base. I then edited the site using html, css, and php to get it to function (and look). The way I wanted it to.

One of my teammates left, and the other gave up. So I had to power on through by myself. As someone with a minimum amount of website development experience, it was also challenging to figure how to edit the code without completely destroying the website (Which was really easy).

I guess I'm proud of the final product. I wanted to code the entire site myself from scratch, but that wasn't plausible considering the amount of time I had. As well as it would be a static result. Using Wordpress also gave the site functionality.

I learned SO much. I learned about how to code databases using python and SQL, I learned about how to create a static html markup using templates online. I learned a lot about the Wordpress platform, and how to edit it to my advantage. I also did play around with the Node-Red for a while. I wouldn't say that I understand how it works though.

What's next for WomenShip: Well I would actually like to include an emergency chatbox where women who desperately need help can speak to a moderator about it. I'd also like to include the Google Maps API so that the site can be used to schedule events like support groups, as well place the exact location of the companies the women are reviewing. I'm going to work on the review functionality right now, hopefully I can get that done before submission time.

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