Women Safety. Silly hack ! So women safety + Parking Location Remembering seemed to be an innovate idea to me.

What it does

Features : 1) An option to remember your location at any given time/ remember your parking spot :p. 2) Once you want to reach to your previously saved location click on "Directions" and you'll be taken to the spot. 3) A Camera/Electronic Recording Device detector! Open the application and take your phone near to any electronic device such as a camera and if the Magnetic Field Strength at the given spot is > 57*10^(-6) Tesla, then you'll be given a Warning message of potential recording devices. 4) Accelerometer sensor, if you shake your phone vigrously, it will be detected as a warning signal, you'll be prompted to click a photo and send it to contacts of your choice along with your current location. 5) Aware my Family : Simply click on the button and your location will be sent to the contacts of your choice. 6) Call Police : Long press the button and you'll be redirected to call the Women Safety's Helpline. 7) Light Detection : The application detects if you are in an area where the light is abnormally low, it prompts to check if you are ok, if you
answer yes, then it closes, otherwise it prompts you to share your location with your chosen contacts. *Note : Please allow sometime for location detection. ~10 Minutes.

How I built it

Using app inventor.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating different sensors.

What I learned

Using app inventor, integrating location sensors, block relocation coding.

What's next for Women Safety Cum Parking Location App

Planning to improve it, rebuild it and finally launch it on PlayStore!

Team Members: Maahir Sharma Kushagra Sharma Rahul Das Ravi Gusain

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