WishList Member powers over 57,917 online communities and membership sites worldwide and the number grows everyday. It supports a large number of online payment gateways including Infusionsoft.

As a company, WishList Products decided to power their online payments, email delivery and marketing automation with Infusionsoft. At that moment, we knew that we wanted to take the integration between WishList Member and Infusionsoft to the next level. Our baseline integration was enhanced and is already trusted by 1,000's of our mutual customers. This enhanced integration became the stepping stone to our latest product WishList Member for Infusionsoft.

This new product takes the power of membership sites to a whole new level that cannot be achieved with any other payment gateway or auto responder integration.

How it works:

It works as a WordPress plugin in addition to WishList Member. There is a simple connection with the Infusionsoft App Name and API Key.

The system has been developed in a modular format. This allows users to choose which functionality to load within their site and which features not to load to enhance site performance.

Functionality centers around point and click options and convenient interface elements that are already familiar to the end user.

Features include:

Automatic Account Creation
Simple Point and Click Shortcode System
Hide and Show Content based on Infusionsoft tags
Easily Display and Update Customer data from Infusionsoft within WordPress
Update Credit Cards within a protected Members area.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

While most systems that are similar are based off of shortcode tags that must be copied and pasted from a documentation guide, we've made the entire system very user friendly. Users simply point and click throughout the interface and the various codes are created for them and inserted into the WordPress Page or Post.

This combines powerful features with simplicity of use making it possible for everyone to create robust membership sites and online communities.

What's next for WishList Member for Infusionsoft:

With a modular system, we've left room for adding new and enhanced modules to the system. The backend system has also been developed in a way that will allow us to tie in additional Infusionsoft functionality to our other add on plugins. This functionality includes things like Quizzes, Checklists, a robust Points System, Content Scheduling and many many more.

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