Collaboration and knowledge transfer between the different AEC silos is one of the biggest problems in the AEC. This is the major factor for the low digitization rating of the AEC industry. We are creating the new superpowers of the AEC industry.

What it does

Our Hacks create bridges between AEC silos and improve therefore improve the industry's productivity.

How I built it

We have miner tools that mine data from the design our engineers and architects are doing daily. Then we have a cloud AI engines, that process that data and convert it into Wisdom. Our hacks are tools that connect to those AI engines, extract the Wisdom and then target the Wisdom, in various different ways, to the users when they need to consume that Wisdom.

Challenges I ran into

The datasets are huge, they amount to 600 years of design data, the current data collection rate is 100 years of data per month. Training/validating the AI engines is a slow process. There were some issues when integrating the data consumption tools into the different tools that the engineers and architects use daily. But these issues were overcome.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The biggest accomplishment is that these tools will be deployed in the production environment on the next Monday and will be deployed to Sweco's project WISDOM ecosystem, which is now used by over 1500 people and this number is growing very quickly. So these hacks will potentially help all those users.

What I learned

I have learned a lot of different tricks to integrate tools into the current design processes. This will be super useful in the future when I need to integrate other tools. In this Hackathon I also have learned a lot of different tools/techniques to do good visualization/marketing things.

What's next for Data2Wisdom

The team members of Data2Wisdom are part of Sweco's dataScience team that has been working on Project WISDOM for couple of years now. So all the things that we learned during the hackathon will be usefull for our day-day lives. We will also extend and build new AI engines to support our mission to use data to create the new super powers in the AEC industry.


Website built in the hackathon: Video link for the presentation final pitch: Video for the HACK_AdminAppForValidationOfAIHack: Video for the HACK_MicrosoftTeamsIntegration: Video for the HACK_DesignSoftwareNotification:


Unfortunately, all these systems where we have worked with are protected by million firewalls and cannot be accessed outside Sweco. I tried to make some of them available, but I did not manage, It is also July, most of the people here are now on holidays, so I could not get help for this. Anyway, I did videos from all the hacks, so you can get an idea how they work.

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